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Potting Party

The last year and a half have been quite busy. In the summer of 2007, my son and I went on a cleaning/cloning mission around San Marcos to re-propogate some of our favorite roses.  We  took clippings of our roses that had been planted throughout the city, and cleaned/weeded their beds.   The plants at the train stop definitely were happy to get the dead shoots and impeding weeds removed so they can continue to thrive. 

We have a new greenhouse and fogging system.  They are a welcome improvement over our old hand-built house and misting system.  We have one of the best crops in the last few years.  My son and daughter-in-law came over after Thanksgiving to help with potting to get the cuttings ready for shipping.  Here's a  picture my husband took when the grandkids weren't keeping him busy.

Pottingparty01a.jpg (288242 bytes)

With the progress we've made over the summer of 2008, we are gearing up for another round of cloning.  For what we have available for the upcoming planting season,  take a look at the current stock.

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