Lady Banks


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Rosa banksiae, Lady Banks' Rose - Covered with many flowered, one inch umbels of slightly fragrant yellow blooms on slender pedicels each spring for almost six weeks, this is one of the hardiest roses from China. Found all over Texas in old German, French and Spanish settlements, this rose and her sister, Rosa Banksiae or White Lady Banks' Rose, have survived the test of time, including deer, fire, heat and drought. An evergreen, this old garden rose shrub introduced into European commerce prior to 1796, was grown for centuries in China. It will form a mound twenty feet by twenty feet in a corner of your yard that sparrows and cardinals will love or it will climb any tall tree or building close by. The canes do not wrap, crushing the life from the support and the foliage is small so that a deciduous tree can be the perfect trellis for this large beauty. The bloom period is over by the time the tree begins to leaf out making it a perfect foil for the old climber.

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