Old Blush Bush

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Old Blush (bush) - This is what makes a Rose Rustler's heart pound just a bit faster and what sets old cemeteries or graveyards apart from their pristine, ho-hum, mow 'em down, perpetual care, contemporary counterparts. Cuttings taken from a bush in town grown by Inez Moore, a survivor of the Battaan March in the Philippines during WWII, where she was stationed as a nurse, grow in the San Marcos Heritage Gardens at the Amtrak train station.

The original bush still flourishes by her old frame home, a survivor, just as she once was. Whether this rose was 'introduced' from China in 1771 or 1780 none the less, it is one of the oldest China roses in commerce, having been around for over two
hundred years, and one of the best. It can be three feet tall or eight feet tall in the garden depending on the soil and moisture conditions. It does make hips (seed pods) freely during the bloom cycle that should be picked off for more blooms. The blooms can be doubles during cooler, rainy weather or almost singles during the heat of the summer which probably accounts for the discrepancy in the their description in old catalogs.

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