Hermosa - Indudablemente, nunca un nombre de rosa ha sido mas a proposite. Swirls of light pink, shaded with a touch of blue for a soft lilac color, blooms cover this petite shrub from early spring to the first hard freeze. Classified as a China, the fragrance is more reminiscent of a fine French perfume, the heady scent of a Bourbon. Because of this trait, rosarians believe that there is a trace of Bourbon in its breeding, hence the classification by some as a Bourbon. It has China growth characteristics and Bourbon floral characteristics, a distinctive and 'free' bloomer. She is a graceful rose, even stylish, with a delicate color. Popular for years as a container plant for European window gardens, its low compact, three to four foot form is suited for any small garden, patio or deck. The shrub can also be massed for an outstanding low, large border. It is hardy to zone 6 and was in commerce prior to 1837. Es una belleza para el jardin.

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