Marechal Niel


Marechal Niel - Draped over an arbor, the large, golden blooms of this climber, hang down from their weak stems to scent the air overhead for those who pass through. Their scent is very fragrant, and the foliage a rich green, making this old Noisette a 'must have' for any garden. This rose, introduced into commerce in 1864 does have its peculiarities, however. It is not partial to the hot, western sun and it is susceptible to the rose virus. It also hates alkaline soil. It does like a healthy dose of composted manure twice a year, spring and fall and does very well if shaded from the hot afternoon sun. Mine, as you can see, is not shaded mid-way up and does suffer a bit during the heat and drought of a Texas summer. Because of the alkaline Central Texas soil, this one is not as vigorous as it should be.

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