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Vanity is a freewheeling, large sprawly bush that spreads out and makes herself at home anywhere, demanding your attention with the most outrageous dark hot-pink, ruffled blooms. You have to smile when you see this one all spread out over a low cedar fence covered in those huge blooms stealing your attention. If she could speak she would say, "Hey babe, come over and sit with me for a spell." Classified as a Hybrid Musk, her fragrance is outstanding. Introduced into commerce in 1920, she is not really an antique rose, but the carefree, freewheeling style of this one can not be ignored and deserves a place in your garden. Not fussy about style, she does not resent being pruned back to form a more compact shrub and the blooms are outstanding in any arrangement. If left to her own devices, she can grow to an 8 foot by 8 foot rather lax shrub.

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