Cécile Brünner


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Cécile Brünner is a Polyantha rose introduced into commerce in 1880 that comes in three sizes.  One is petite, compact and pretty.  The other is tall and vigorous.  The third is able to leap tall buildings and trees in a single bound, covering them with perfect tiny delicately scented, pink buds, shaded with a hint of yellow.  Nicknamed the "Sweetheart Rose" during the Victorian era it has been a favorite rose for landscapes and gardens throughout the years.   It was dedicated to the daughter of the late Ulrich Brünner, a rose grower at Lausanne and according to Brent Dickerson who penned the Old Rose Advisor, "Mlle Cécile Brünner has not lost any of her charms over the years."  Her perfectly formed bright pink blooms look like miniature Tea roses.  The blooms are numerous and constant from spring until frost. A healthy plant, Mlle Brünner will live a long life, tolerating everything from poor soil to partial shade.  In her petite size, she is no more than three feet tall and resents anything but a very light pruning.  Her tall size is about twelve feet.   In her climbing attire, she can send out graceful arching canes twenty feet or more, making a fabulous huge ‘fountain’ of perfect roses in a garden or using a tree as an arbor, cover it with perfect pink blooms.  During a drought she will not drop her leaves, but will not bloom as consistently.

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