Cobb Rose


Cobb Rose This delicate, thornless rose bush is tougher than it looks. It was grown by Dr. Albert Cobb's paternal great-grandmother in the mid-1800's in South Carolina. When Bert Cobb, M.D. moved to San Marcos, he brought several cuttings with him.

The rose has grown well in central Texas. It seems to be a Floribunda, producing flowers in abundance in late spring and early summer with additional small flushes later in the year. It is a bushy plant and bears its flowers primarily in clusters. The fragrance is heavier and has more perfume than the usual light and fruity of Floribundas. The blooms have light to medium pink petals that flex down with age and very double with bright yellow stamens. The bush grows to about 3 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide making it a great choice for a small garden, hedge or patio container. Hardy in zones 5 - 9.

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