San Pedro Cemetery (Posey) Red


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Posey Red. Rustled from the San Pedro Cemetery on old Posey Road, this Gallica or Damask rose is pure beauty in the spring. It has a beautiful arching growth habit making it the perfect candidate for a fence or raised bed. The large, heavy scented flowers cover the shrub for a long blooming period in late spring and then the canes become perfect backdrops for an annual blooming vine. The fragrance is that of pure French perfume - heady and wonderful, especially on a warm, late spring day. It was found encircling an old iron fence around an 1860's grave. Who knows how old the rose is or what is name, but we can simply enjoy it for its graceful beauty and fragrance. It grows 6 - 8 feet tall and can be used for a fence or trellis. Hardy in zones 5-9. Late spring bloomer only.

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